In the spring of 2014 OPT ACADEMY, the first clinical training of OPT, took place.

The idea that underlies this event is to promote our products and to improve the competencies of the sales and service staff, thus increasing their knowledge and their motivation. Nowadays customers’ expectations are getting more important and it is fundamental to give adequate solutions through immediate, precise and correct expert advice.

In this contest, training has an important role because it contributes to the healthy development of companies and makes them more competitive.
The reality around us changes so quickly and maintaining one’s position without taking into account the new opportunities of the market can be a risk even for historical companies strictly connected to the territory.


The transmission of information during such trainings is not a one-way communication from the head company to the sales network but it is bidirectional. The training is a great opportunity to compare and share experiences, inputs given by customers and the latest news on the market.
Sharing knowledge is a key factor for OPT in the improvement of the products which are currently sold, in the research & development of new products and in the sales and after-sales activities.
The courses are planned taking into consideration the reality in which the sales and service network of OPT work and training participants to increase their competitiveness and their motivation.

OPT ACADEMY takes place in a showroom where practical demonstrations on operating tables and specialist accessories can be done in safety. Participants learn how to use OPT devices correctly and how to show its features and qualities to the end user.

Each activity has been developed to train participants on how to:
  • inform clients on the features and functions of the product
  • help client in choosing the best products according to their needs
  • support clients in case of doubts and difficulties
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