Francesco Moser – OPT brand ambassador

In June 2015, OPT started a collaboration with the legendary Cycling World Champion, Francesco Moser. After many years of success as a World Class Athlete, Francesco has not forgotten his roots and is still working hard in his home town in Trento, managing “The MOSER” winery with his family and with the same passion as in his cycling years.



This collaboration with OPT SurgiSystems and Francesco Moser shows the similarities such as World Success, Hard Work, Dedication and Love for the home town. Hence Francesco is a perfect representative for the OPT SurgiSystems company as they share the same values, and both continuing to be ambassadors for their country.


OPT is proud to have its premises in Trentino since more than 90 years.

A dynamical and safe region in a landscape that makes the difference: home to the fabulous mountains called Dolomites, 60% of the area covered by woods, 200 alpine lakes, 3 natural parks, enchanting valleys … and one of the highest rate in Italy in terms of equitable and sustainable well-being.

This location in the heart of the Alpine Dolomites ensures several advantages, such as:

  • Logistics – thanks to its strategic position, Trentino has a very efficient infrastructural and logistic transport system;
  • R&D – With more than 20 public and private research centres, an internationally and nationally top- rated university and more than 3.000 researchers, the province of Trento is known as a top-level hub in the main important international research and technological development centres networks
  • Polo della Meccatronica (Mechatronics Research Centre) – a centre built according to the highest quality and sustainability standards which offers a unique possibility to research, experiment and create high-value products

However, the main feature that represents the best advantage for OPT is the high life quality of this region, one of the highest ones in Europe.

Trentino boasts a modern and efficient welfare, an excellent school system, a top-quality health care and a natural heritage of extraordinary beauty.
Such well-being is reflected positively also on the quality of the work done by OPT staff (happier and calmer people work better) and therefore also on the quality of our product.

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