Healthy mind and body, that is to say, sound body and peace of mind is our strongest desire.

Our work is to provide superior equipment, materials and various services so that many people can live comfortably to the end of their lives. However, unfortunately, there are people who injure their health and must live with handicaps the rest of their lives. We must do our best to develop products and services creatively so that all human beings can optimize and show their “vitality”. By steady efforts, customers who really need Tokibo’s products and services will increase and only with their support Tokibo will flourish. I firmly believe that heaven has called me to this work to the people optimize and show their VITALITY. I will be in the forefront of others and will strive for this goal.

I hope that my work will result in healthy Tokibo and in bequeathing wonderful earth to the future generation through all eternity.

Yasuhiko Sata


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