In 1919 a great company was born,
ready to satisfy every requirement of the operating theatre.

The long experience in this field leads to the manufacturing of products able to meet the needs of OR personnel and to reach ambitious goals.
Straight after the First World War, when the Italian State organizes in each region a little orthopaedic workshop for the production of prostheses, Mario Cristofolini is the first manager of Officina di Trento and when Italy decides to privatize it he becomes the first owner, thus founding OPT. In 1930 he starts to design and manufacture orthopaedic operating tables thanks to the collaboration with doctors and thanks to his staff’s and his own creativity skills.
After the Second World War this activity becomes more important and interrupts the manufacturing of prostheses. After moving from Trento to Calliano in the 80s, the company grows with the production of more performing operating tables for a more demanding global market.

In 2013 OPT has been acquired by TKB Corporation, an important Japanese company, leader in the distribution of medical equipment and devices all over the world. Widely known as a successful company, it builds long lasting relations with partners and is always ready to recognize the new market needs and to introduce new technologies and new innovative concepts. TKB takes on the management and coordination of OPT and follows the path already traced by the Cristofolini family.

OPT SurgiSystems Srl is today an historical brand, among the global leaders in this field. This result proves the ability to satisfy the clinical needs with technological, innovative devices. The company manufactures products, which confronts themselves everyday with state-of-the-art global surgery

A history made of men, ideas, courage and commitment.

A history made of passion.
A history of continuous search for TECHNOLOGICAL SUPREMACY.
Excellence quality in performance and design is not a mission, but a reality made of highly innovative products.
Every OPT product is designed for the global market by manufacturers of operating tables with one hundred years of experience, who are never tired of manufacturing each product with passion and attention in order to reach perfection. To simply help doctors reach their goals.
The attention to each detail is an essential part of the final success.
The well-being depends on the ability to use space, to organize it, to integrate with it.
OPT has always worked to manage it in the best possible way.
OPT has always worked to improve the space in which men work.

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