40/1 Mobile Table

Multifunctions plus

The operating table OPT 40/1 with fixed table top was born in OPT in 2010 and is state-of-the-art in its category for aesthetical and innovative criteria, rationality in each detail, safety and versatility.

Movable on four extremely smooth wheels, it can be easily used also in narrow rooms.  

OPT 40/1 is universal and satisfies the needs of modern operating theatres. Thanks to the wide and complete set of accessories and components, this table offers the possibility of satisfying with only one table top all the needs of every surgery specialty in an OR.


The table OPT 40/1 is made of stainless steel and high quality materials treated on the surface with state-of-the-art procedures such as electro polishing for stainless steel in order to increase the resistance to oxidation, ensuring a longer table lifetime and a higher resistance to antibacterial products.


The operating table OPT 40/1 has an external pump emergency device (optional), that allows to move the table in case of emergency or in case of absence of electricity.


The operating table OPT 30/1, with all available accessories, can be used for all surgical procedures without distinction.


The column is complete with an integrated control unit that allows all electric movements.


The operating table OPT 40/1 has a weight capacity of 250 kg patient’s weight.


The operating table OPT 40/1 is available also in a version with carbon fibre table top for vascular surgery.


The cushions of the table top are in soft, radiolucent, antistatic and anti-decubitus material which is ergonomically shaped. A thickness of about 60 mm allows comfortable patient positioning even during long surgical procedures.
All cushions of the table top OPT 40/1 and of all its sections, as well as the available accessories, are latex free.


The perfect radiotrasparency of the table top sections and an electrical longitudinal translation of 250 mm enables the perfect exposure of all body parts and an easy use of the brilliance amplifier. The application of carbon fibre plates allows also a total radiotrasparency.


The operating table OPT 40/1 is available also in a version with carbon fibre table top, particularly ideal for vascular surgery procedures, angiosurgery and orthopedics, where a total radiotrasparency is required.


The table top can be made up of 9 sections (n. 8 in the standard configuration):

  • Reclinable and removable head section, with a single or a double joint;
  • Electrically tiltable lower back section;
  • Removable and manually tiltable upper back section;
  • Pelvis section;
  • Pelvis elongation plate;
  • Single leg section, in two or four parts, with spread, manually tiltable and removable;


The operating table OPT 40/1 has been studied to simplify the positioning of the patient by facilitating the operator through certain technical expedients:

  • Possibility of choosing among four control systems (control unit integrated to the column, wired remote control, I.R. remote control, foot switch);
  • Control systems with easy-to-read buttons;
  • Modularity of the table top to adjust the table to the size of the patients, with sections which are easy to hook and unhook;
  • Extreme flexibility thanks to the use of a wide set of accessories that make the operating table OPT 40/1 easily and quickly suitable for every surgical procedure;
  • Easy to clean;
  • The overall dimensions of the operating table OPT 40/1 are minimized and this enables a perfect access to the table;


The material and the ergonomics make the cleaning and sanification of the operating table OPT 40/1 extremely easy.


The table OPT 40/1 can be moved thanks to the following control units:

  • integrated control unit complete with display with indications
  • I.R. backlit remote control
  • wired remote control
  • foot switch


The operating table OPT 40/1 has 7 electrical movements which can be done simultaneously:
Electro-hydraulic movements:

  • Height variation (without cushions): 700/1060 mm
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: ± 30°
  • Bilateral tilt ± 20°
  • Longitudinal translation: 250 mm
  • Back section inclination: +85°/-35°
  • Flex
  • Reflex
  • Self levelling

Manual movements:

  • Leg section inclination: +25°/-90°
  • Head section inclination: +35°/-72° (-90° folded)


  • Maximum load capacity: 270 kg (600 lb)


The operating table OPT 40/1 has an extremely wide set of accessories that make it suitable for satisfying the needs of every modern surgical specialty:

  • Anaesthesia;
  • General Surgery and Day Surgery;
  • Gynaecology, Urology and Proctology;
  • Vascular Surgery;
  • Orthopaedics and Traumatology;
  • Neurosurgery and ENT;

Moreover, the table OPT 40/1 has accessories lines dedicated to specific surgical needs:

  • Radiolucent accessories and/or carbon fibre accessories;
  • Accessories for obese patients;
  • Accessories for pediatrics.
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