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The VANTO II operating system with transferable table tops was created by OPT in 2018 and incorporates all of OPT’s one hundred years’ experience. The continuing and increasing staff turnover in the operating room inspired OPT to create an operating system with high technology and powerful performances and at the same time easy to use and whose functions are easy to comprehend.

VANTO II with transferable table tops is made up of three fundamental elements: column, table top and trolley (longitudinal or lateral) for moving the system. It has been conceived and designed to satisfy the needs of multidisciplinary operating room.

Vanto II universal system satisfies the needs of modern operating theatres and thanks to the wide and complete range of accessories and components, this table offers the possibility of satisfying with only one table top all the needs of every surgery specialty in an OR.



Mobile column

It is the heart of the operating table, controls all movements and allows to memorize and recall automatically all the main recurring operating positions. Managed by a microprocessor and mounted on an ultra-flat base of minimum thickness, it is made of top quality stainless steel and designed to occupy the minimal amount of space, to facilitate every surgeon’s action and his/her assistants and to ensure the maximum stability.


Mobile plus column

VANTO II Plus has two wheels integrated to the base of the column which allow to transfer the table without using the standard trolley. An auxiliary removable mini trolley can be used for intraoperative transfers or minor adjustments before, during or after the surgery.


Stationary column

Stationary fixed column, rotating. The column is controlled by a microprocessor and is mounted on a support plate in machined brass, which is anchored in the screed of the operating theatre. The column is complete with OR gaskets and makes its rotation without any obstruction, with an electronic locking device for any position. Complete with control panel with a display on the column.

Table Tops

The universal table tops are completely modular thanks to the single and symmetrical central section to which numerous components (head and leg sections, elongation modules) can be added. Vanto II system automatically detects the configuration setting and the table top orientation and recognizes the modules and accessories attached to the central module of the table. The modules which compose the table top have all radiolucent, antistatic, anti-decubitus and ergonomically shaped cushions and have on both sides and on their entire length stainless steel rails (25*10 mm) to hook the specialistic accessories.

HyperFocal: 0

TOP Universal Table Top


The operating table top of VANTO II system is universal and suitable for all surgical specialties, including traumatology, with maximum performance. It has been designed to sustain patients of every size and at the same time without causing trouble to the OR operators during procedures. It is highly ergonomic thanks to the exceptional modularity and flexibility of its sections.

Universal Table Top


The operating table top of VANTO II system is universal and suitable for all surgical specialties, including traumatology, with excellent performance. It has been designed to sustain patients of every size and at the same time without causing trouble to the OR operators during procedures. It is highly ergonomic thanks to the exceptional modularity and flexibility of its sections.

Table Top for Thoracic Surgery

New operating table top for VANTO II, with unique characteristics suitable surgical disciplines, Pulmonary, Thoracic, Abdominal, and Orthopaedic.

Even though it is a specialistic table top, used together with some accessories it can also be used for Gyno, Uro, and Proctology, and with the patient in a reverse position, it can also be used for Vascular, Abdominal and Eye.

Vascular Carbon Fibre Table Top

The table top has a longitudinal slide of 700 mm and bilateral slide of 105 mm (type “XY”), both movements can be performed simultaneously. It has been designed to satisfy for all surgical specialties where the main required feature is radiotrasparency. It is complete with antistatic, radiolucent, electro-conductive cushion whose height is 80 mm.


OPT is the only company in the world that can offer longitudinal (head side and foot side insertion) and lateral trolleys (right and left side insertion) to extract only the table top (with or without patient) and/or to move the entire system (column+table top).

Main feature of the VANTO II system is the possibility of choosing a lateral trolley, that allows to position the table top without moving all the other surgical equipment (which is particularly useful, above all in ortho-traumatological surgery).


Longitudinal Trolley

Available in 3 versions:

  • standard trolley
  • trolley with Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg
  • trolley with adjustable height with Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg

Lateral Trolley

Available in 3 versions:

  • standard trolley
  • trolley with Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg
  • trolley with adjustable height with Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg

Mini Trolley

An optional Mini trolley is used for the VANTO II Plus column to provide small movements in the operating theater. It can move the column and/or complete system without using external trolleys or units.


The VANTO II system is made of stainless steel and high quality materials treated on the surface with state-of-the-art procedures such as electro polishing for stainless steel in order to increase the resistance to oxidation, ensuring a longer table lifetime and a higher resistance to antibacterial products.


Access to the column from all four sides with lateral trolleys (indifferently from the left or the right side) and longitudinal trolleys (indifferently from the left or the right side), for moving only the table top and/or the entire system table top/column.


The column is mounted on an ultra-flat base of minimum thickness and bevelled edges able to ensure the maximum stability of the entire system and a great practicality. The base also avoids collisions against the surgeon, the operating theatre personnel and other devices (brilliance amplifier, etc..)


Unique control unit integrated to the column with always-visible color display and with the possibility of making all electro-mechanical movements of the column and of the table top. The operators of the OR room have an exact replica of the remote control with display and have a live virtual view of the table positioning.


The table top with central symmetrical and modular section, made up of up to 8 sections, allows to easily and quickly change the configuration according to the required surgical procedure. Thanks to the wide set of dedicated accessories, the operating table Vanto can be used effectively in every modern surgical specialty by using the same universal table top.


Unique fast locking/unlocking system for table top sections which is identical for all sections, hygienic, easy to lock/unlock with a single strong movement.


The operating system has an exclusive anti-collision safety system that recognizes the sections attached to the table top and can prevent collisions against the column and/or the floor without limiting its performances.


VANTO II can be integrated with the main control systems for integrated OR thanks to wireless communication protocols which comply with the most stringent regulatory standards.


The column contains all the electronic and mechanical components to activate the system, charger included.


Vanto II allows to memorise the several positions of the operating system that can be recalled any time by using the remote control.


The exceptional weight capacity of the Vanto II system (453 kg, 433 kg patient’s weight plus 20 kg accessories) allows to operate on patients up to 433 kg without using a dedicated table top.


The operating system Vanto II, thanks to its completely electro-mechanical movements, is extremely noiseless during use.


The operating system VANTO II has 12 electro-mechanical movements which can be done simultaneously. The use of brushless motors (4 in the column and 5 in the table top) ensures a silent, safe and reliable management of all movements:

  • Height variation (without cushions): 600-1.150 mm
  • Longitudinal inclination (Trendel-reverse Trendel): ± 56°
  • Bilateral tilt: ± 35°
  • Upper back section adjustement: ± 60° (with optional electric elongation plate)
  • Lower back section adjustement: + 90°/- 50°
  • Thorax splitting: + 90°/- 50°
  • Lumbar splitting: + 90°/- 50°
  • Leg section adjustement: + 90°/- 90°(independently to the right or to the left or together)
  • Longitudinal table top translation: mm 475 (entirely electro-mechanical)
  • Flex
  • Reflex
  • Auto levelling

Moreover  VANTO II system has the following manual movements:

  • Head section inclination: + 53°/- 53°
  • Upper back section inclination: + 90°/- 90° (with optional tiltable plate)
  • Leg section spread: 180°


  • Maximum load capacity: 453 kg (1000 lb)


All the VANTO II cushions are soft, radiolucent, antistatic, anti-decubitus, latex free and easy to remove. The table top and all its sections have two types of cushions, which can be ordered depending on the surgical needs: moulded cushions and memory foam visco-elastic cushions.


All the universal table tops of the VANTO II system are radiolucent on their entire length, without any shadow zone and allow a functional use of the image amplifier.


The column of the VANTO II system is assembled on a flat base with minimum thickness and bevelled edges to ensure maximum stability to the entire system and great ease of use. It also offers to the operators a perfect access to the surgical site and avoids collisions against image intensifier, foot switches, service trolleys, etc..


In the column there is the “CLEAN” control which raises the column without table top up to its maximum height and allows an easy cleaning of all areas. The support base, completely flat, facilitates the surgeon’s access to the area and allows the personnel a quick and effective cleaning. The table top cushions are antistatic, radiolucent, electro conductive and can be easily cleaned and sanified.


The operating system VANTO II can be moved thanks to the following control units:

  • Wireless remote controls with LCD touch screen display
  • integrated control unit complete with LCD display
  • wired remote controls with LCD touch screen display
  • MPC system, exclusive accessory for VANTO II, to use as an emergency device in case of failure on the electronics of the table
  • foot switch


The operating system VANTO II has an extremely wide set of accessories that make it suitable for satisfying the needs of every modern surgical specialty:

  • Anaesthesia;
  • General Surgery and Day Surgery;
  • Gynaecology, Urology and Proctology;
  • Vascular Surgery;
  • Orthopaedics and Traumatology;
  • Neurosurgery and ENT;

Moreover, the table VANTO II has accessories lines dedicated to specific surgical needs:

  • Radiolucent accessories and/or carbon fibre accessories;
  • Accessories for Paediatrics;
  • Accessories for Bariatric.


*with the column code 880200001 and table top code 881200001

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