When Your Job Becomes a Joy

This article is not a step-by-step guide that was created to teach you how to communicate with your customer.

It is just an example of how being passionate about your job can bring new friendship and joy into your life. It will show you that each of us can make a difference with our actions every day. For this, we should reevaluate our business approach and go beyond the standard schemes.

Nowadays most of the people choose to have sharp relations with no emotions and expect to get as much efficiency from this collaboration. However, the key to success of any business is to be always available and to build friendly relationships with your customers.

The turnover of the OR staff has inspired our agent Davide Masetti to start a training course which is accredited by CME (Continuing Medical Education).

Your job becomes your joy when you are ready to use your professional skills without expecting a compensation. Courses held by our agent are free of charge BUT with the massive investment into our clients and a future collaboration.

Our specialist have already made courses in approximately 25 public and private hospitals and have already scheduled various future meetings. The aim is to advise the staff about the possible ways of the patient positioning and to help them avoid the most common mistakes.

How does it work? Depending on the programme plan, courses are made for the entire OPT product range, starting from the old models and finishing with the top of the range operating tables (as tables VANTO, ASSO, etc).

The theoretical training is supported with the practical part. Doctors bring in the meeting room OPT operating tables and the product specialist shows and explains the correct (or alternative) ways of patient preparation to the surgery.

It is important to speak your client’s language, stay updated on their problems and to offer your expert opinion. When you teach your client something he is not aware of yet then it will help you to move one step closer when it comes to the decision making process.

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