OPT is proud to have its premises in Trentino since more than 90 years.

A dynamical and safe region in a landscape that makes the difference: home to the fabulous mountains called Dolomites, 60% of the area covered by woods, 200 alpine lakes, 3 natural parks, enchanting valleys … and one of the highest rate in Italy in terms of equitable and sustainable well-being.

This location in the heart of the Alpine Dolomites ensures several advantages, such as:

  • Logistics – thanks to its strategic position, Trentino has a very efficient infrastructural and logistic transport system;
  • R&D – With more than 20 public and private research centres, an internationally and nationally top- rated university and more than 3.000 researchers, the province of Trento is known as a top-level hub in the main important international research and technological development centres networks
  • Polo della Meccatronica (Mechatronics Research Centre) – a centre built according to the highest quality and sustainability standards which offers a unique possibility to research, experiment and create high-value products

However, the main feature that represents the best advantage for OPT is the high life quality of this region, one of the highest ones in Europe.

Trentino boasts a modern and efficient welfare, an excellent school system, a top-quality health care and a natural heritage of extraordinary beauty.
Such well-being is reflected positively also on the quality of the work done by OPT staff (happier and calmer people work better) and therefore also on the quality of our product.


Our success is guaranteed by the efforts and competence of a team of motivated, flexible people who care for quality and are able to work in team and with the will to take their responsibilities.

The team spirit is a fundamental value, which allows everyone to be fulfilled in his/her work, supported by a positive and encouraging environment. In a word, we promote empowerment.
A fundamental activity in OPT is making constant training and development of OPT staff’s potentials to support new competences and skills.
We give our employees all instruments to enable them to work in the best possible way and we make sure that they are always aware of how much their work influences the quality of the finished product. In order to reach the company goals it is essential for every employee to be aware of how much his/her work is important. In a word, we promote commitment.
Workplace safety is not an imposition or an obligation, but rather moral responsibility. For this purpose, the company has introduced and constantly strengthened an organization model gradually shared by everybody and able to promote a broader and more constructive mentality, the most appropriate one to endorse human resources and sustain a safe workplace.


Suppliers are a fundamental element in the improvement of OPT competitiveness:

the purchased components play an essential role in the final product in terms of quality and cost.
OPT has created with its suppliers a stable and clear relationship which endorses the suppliers’ skills, resources and experience.
The suppliers’ evaluation and choice are done according to homogeneous methodologies and are based on objective and measurable parameters.

The OPT company policy aims at:

  • establishing relations with suppliers which offer the best skills in terms of innovation, time to market, costs, service and quality (objective “zero defects”) to ensure the maximum quality of the final product;
  • searching the minimum cost of supply considering not only the price, but also the cost of quality, innovation, service, in relation with the performances required for the purchased product;
  • supervising pre-emptively and regularly suppliers, with a consequent choice of the most reliable ones in both technical and economical/management terms.

OPT chooses its suppliers on the base of their ability in satisfying the supply requirements: the supplied products become part of the OPT product and have a direct influence on its quality.





Foreign suppliers



OPT SurgiSystems’ quality policy can be summarized in the following statements:

    • Provide the market with high-quality products and services in the full respect of the contract terms.
    • Start new collaborations and partnerships with Italian and foreign companies in order to develop and manufacture new products and services able to strengthen OPT presence in the new foreign markets.

As far as quality is concerned, the goals are the following:

The relation to the customer, that means advice in choosing the product, clearness and completeness in the supply agreement, effort to satisfy the customers’ requirements and expectations, respect of methods and delivery times; planning of correct and precise information to the customer as to the update of the product range.

The product, that means guarantee the use of qualified and adequate material, the functionality of the product, the respect of all current technical and safety regulations, guarantee of the traceability of the finished product.

The risk management according to the current regulation, in order to decrease the risk level correlated to the use of our products to the minimum or very low levels.

The relation to the suppliers, that means searching for suppliers able to ensure the best collaboration and quality as far as the finished product and the respect of delivery times are concerned.

The satisfaction of requirements,that means the continuous verification of the products requirements according to the current regulations.

The company organization, that means efficiency and flexibility, organization and procedure clearness, commitment, motivation and professional development of all human resources and quality awareness.

The Efficiency and Quality Maintenance System through the involvement of OPT staff and through inspection and verification during the year.

For this purpose OPT applies a quality management system that complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2012 regulation.
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2012
The goal of OPT Management is to reach and maintain Total Quality in the broader sense of the term.

Quality surely means customer satisfaction for a safe, reliable product but also an adequate technical and logistic pre-sales and after-sales support, which can satisfy even the most demanding expectations.
Therefore in the OPT organization have been introduced concepts such as:

    • The formalization of the Best Company Practices to reach goals in full respect of economics and quality;
    • The implementation of the Total Quality Management model by respecting the requirements established by ISO 9000 standard and through actions aimed at stimulating a new approach towards work and customers, towards a quality culture inside the organization;
    • Attività di “Total Productive Maintenance activity to achieve the maximum company efficiency by focusing on the activities of operators and maintenance and process technicians. Therefore, the focus is also on the activities regarding quality, safety, environment and development.

Quality is a challenge towards the zero risk of a product in terms of procedures, materials and environment. We want to realize a system with zero defects in all company departments.

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