The educational visit at OPT SurgiSystems


On June 6 the students enrolled in Technical College of the New Technologies of Alessandro Volta spent the day at the OPT SurgiSystems.

All of the students are attending a first year of the course “Technician of a higher level for management and maintenance of biomedical equipment, medical imaging and biotechnology”. They have had a great chance to see how the company works from the inside, observe different production processes and understand a role of an industrial engineer in the development of a high-end medical equipment.

Students have shown a big interest in the latest technologies and innovations used for the product development and design. Questions and concerns were discussed with OPT engineers who accompanied the students during the day.

Besides the innovative technologies, the students were very excited to see the first operating tables produced by OPT almost 100 years ago. The tables are now placed in a mini-museum of OPT.

The final part of the visit was a presentation of the main OPT products in a SHOW ROOM.
The feedback that we have received from most of the students is that OPT seemed very dynamic, open and innovative company! For this reason some of them have already applied for an internship at our company. We are very glad that the educational visit was inspiring for young engineers and we open the doors to new candidates!

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