Arcadis Medical Group, OPT SurgiSystems and MVS Medical Visual System

On December 5, Arcadis Medical Group, OPT SurgiSystems and MVS Medical Visual System signed an agreement on compatibility of the companies’ products.

Arcadis Medical Group, being the exclusive and official representative of OPT SurgiSystems on the territory of the Russian Federation and having professional product and service support, initiated the integration of the operating systems table VANTO by OPT SurgiSystems into a unified system of integrated operating systems based on VEGA software by MVS Medical Visual System.

The integrated operating room is an ergonomic solution for comfortable work of surgeons and operating teams, designed to increase the efficiency of OR and for the safety of doctors and patients.

OPT SurgiSystems is a world’s leading manufacturer of a wide range of operating tables and accessories for all areas of surgery. OPT’s latest designs are among the most advanced in the industry in terms of technology and test results.

Medical Visual Systems is a high-tech Russian manufacturing company creating modern hardware and software solutions for medicine based on its own developments. MVS creates new products in digital surgery and IT-solutions for integrated OR.

Arcadis Medical Group provided its own VANTO system table for testing and debugging, which significantly accelerated the software integration process between the two manufacturers.

Through a three-way effort between product specialists, developers and programmers, it was possible to fully duplicate all table control functionality from the remote control to the common screen of the integrated OR and avoid limiting table functions.

The inclusion of operating tables in the integrated operating room circuit opens up a wide range of opportunities for the operating team and the surgeon himself, as it enables control over all parameters of the devices, as well as the patient’s body position without external assistance.

Thanks to the cooperation of the world’s leading companies, surgeons from medical institutions all over the world can work in comfort in expert-level ORs.

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