100 YEARS of. . .  JOY and HAPPINESS!

OPT Open Day – April 2019


OPT turns 100 years old and we have decided to celebrate this memorable year together with our staff and their families.

An opening party was held on April 13th, indeed. OPT’s current and retired employees, their families and OPT’s close friends were invited to celebrate together.

During this event, OPT have opened its doors for an Open Day: everyone could visit the factory where our operating tables are manufactured. Also, the company museum, showing some historical documents as well as some of the most successful tables, has been inaugurated right on this special day.

Joy, happiness and sharing were the key emotions of this event. We showed to our families and to our children where we work and what we contribute to create.

Stories by our “old” employees, who had been working in our company for over 40 years, cheered us up. They told us about how they used to work and also some other special stories (somehow legends for us!) about OPT’s daily life.

Toasts, meetings, memories, hugs, smiles. These are some of the situation we experienced during this first and deeply felt celebration day!

One of the most touching moment was definitely the awards ceremony. OPT’s CEO, Mr. Sata, awarded all the OPT’s employees and ex-employees, that during their long cooperation, have contributed to OPT success.

Happy 100 years of … OPT!

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