100 YEARS of . . .  VITALITY!

On March 25, 2019, we are preparing to enter the Centenary of the birth of OPT.

We want to share the joy and pride of this event with all of  You!

100 years of vitality, during which our company has contributed to improving patients’ lives by creating innovative operators tables.

Our story is a path born from the intuition of the founder, Mr. Mario Cristofolini, that a small orthopedic workshop, founded for the realization of prostheses for invalids of the First World War, could become a company that produces and sells tables and operator systems all over the world.

This long road, full of satisfactions and technological firsts, continued with his son, Mr. Aldo Cristofolini, who led OPT to become the leader of the Italian market and to have an international dimension.

100 years of  history is not a goal but just a fundamental step on our journey.

In  2013  Mr. Sata, president of TKB Corporation, an important Japanese group and leader in the distribution of medical equipment and devices, took  the baton by acquiring OPT to continue the journey begun many years ago.

Now it is successfully accompanying us towards the future and towards new challenges!

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