Excellence. Always. No effort should be spared in reaching excellence.

Total quality and reliability in manufacturing our products.

Guarantee of a product made in Italy.

Transparency and clearness on the production process and on the used materials.

Constant innovation to better satisfy the new surgical needs in the operating room.

Total flexibility at the service of our  Customers.

Guard and transmit the handicraft tradition of our predecessors.

Care for the environment during the whole production cycle.

Customer satisfaction measures our success.


Improve the patients’ quality of life and facilitate the work of OR personnel by manufacturing ideal electro-medical high-end equipment.
Satisfy the modern surgical requirements in Operating Rooms by offering competitive and efficient solutions.
Keeping on walking on the path of innovation and research for a continuous development as a market leader. Company growth in the full respect of environmental, economic and social sustainability.


Our R&D, design and manufacturing activities focus on the customers and on their needs. We manufacture electro-medical equipment to simplify the work of OR personnel and to improve the patient’s quality of life.
We request and receive constant feedback on our activities to improve the quality of our products, of our service and of our organization.


OPT is in a global market which evolves continuously and is highly competitive.
We want to drive ambitiously the qualitative level of the market, as we are sure that innovation and attention to the product and to the customers’ needs increase the value of the companies that pursue them.
The field of medical equipment requires products to be:

  • reliable
  • precise and performing
  • safe
  • highly technological
  • user-friendly
  • ergonomic

OPT products are designed and manufactured by focusing on all these features.

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