100 YEARS of. . .  JOY and HAPPINESS!

OPT Open Day – July 2019


On July 20th, the company celebrated its historic “birthday” through a big party event that was an opportunity to thank all its partners that in these decades has realized the dream of the founder Mr. Mario Cristofolini: the agents and distributors that form the national and international sales network of OPT, the customers, the research centers and the Italian universities with which OPT SurgiSystems has been collaborating for many years.

Also on this occasion, the company opened its doors with an “Open Day” day in which it was possible to visit the various production departments, where our operating tables are born, and the new historical museum, where the company’s history was retraced through historical documents and historical tables.

The day of the big event then ended inside the magnificent location of Castel Beseno where the celebrations and the gala dinner were held.

One of the most exciting moment was the delivery of the bust in memory of Mr. Aldo Cristofolini , former president and owner, to his daughter as a sign of continuation of the OPT tradition that has moved to Mr. Sata.

Tradition, history, toast and joy are just some of the situations that have been part of this second and heartfelt day of celebration!

Happy 100 years of … OPT!


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